Comic strips to help fight climate change

A fun initiative by a young Torrance entrepreneur focusing on climate change has been a bit hit with local children.

Rossie Stone set up Dekko Comics to create educational comic strips after drawing his own while at secondary school to help him revise.

They have been used successfully in a Young Green Champions community initiative, part of a partnership between North Glasgow’s ng Homes and Dekko.

The project has received backing from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund.

Rossie said: “It is important to communicate information through means that children naturally identify and want to engage with.

“As Blue Planet 2 has shown us, entertainment and visual stimulation can be a powerful tool to teach about the impacts of climate change.”

The Young Green Champions Comic Book will be distributed to local schools.

Richard Porter of ng homes said: “We congratulate the young people for their involvement in this project which will be really powerful in getting this message across to other young people. Dekko’s comic strip technique is showing great results.”