Community calls for urgent action to tackle problems

Fed-up residents say the council is neglecting their community and feel they are being treated as second class citizens.
Potholes are just one of the issues causing concern for residents in Harestanes.Potholes are just one of the issues causing concern for residents in Harestanes.
Potholes are just one of the issues causing concern for residents in Harestanes.

Members of Harestanes Tenants and Residents’ Association, in Kirkintilloch, have raised an number of issues, including problems with gutters being cleared, green spaces and the state of roads and pavements.

They say that when work is carried out it’s not of a high standard and there is no regular maintenance.

Charlie Armstrong and his wife Joyce have raised concerns. Mr Armstrong said: “At one time everyone wanted to live in Harestanes, but over time there has been neglect.

“There is no such thing as a maintenance programme for the area.

“The most important thing is clearing out the gutters, but this is not done properly in the Drumhill area. Not clearing the gutters leads to major problems and can affect everything about the house.

“Green spaces aren’t being maintained. Weed killer is being used, but it’s killing the shrubbery. Lenzie has lovely green spaces and we just want the same. We’re given second class treatment.”

Mr Armstrong added: “The roads are full of potholes, particularly in Ellisland Drive and the bus route, and the pavements haven’t been resurfaced in about 30 years.”

Margaret Thomson has also raised concerns. She said: “They don’t take on board that it’s maintenance, not just a

reaction to a complaint. Work is needing done properly in the first place.”

Grace Irvine, the council’s director of neighbourhood services said: “Harestanes Tenants and Residents Association is recognised as an important community partner and officers are always available to attend meetings and discuss and resolve local issues.

“The council has and continues to invest capital expenditure across all of its social housing stock and is on track to meet the Government’s Scottish Quality Housing Standards for 2015.

“The services provided for tenants in Harestanes are of the same high standard as they are in any other area within East Dunbartonshire.”

She added: “The roads service allocates funding on the basis of current road condition, not by area or demand. Our roads are routinely inspected by our own staff and these are supported by independent inspections.

“We have a rolling four year investment programme, which is reviewed annually to reflect any change in the condition of roads.

“Road repairs are classified using a priority system and we commit to repair urgent issues within five days.”

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