Community wardens ticket 180 drivers in a single week

Council community wardens levied parking fines worth at least £5,400 during their first week on the streets of East Dunbartonshire.
Illegally parked cars in LenzieIllegally parked cars in Lenzie
Illegally parked cars in Lenzie

That’s the income that will be generated by the 180 tickets issued to illegally-parked drivers between April 2-8, as the new decriminalised parking regime became reality.

Diane Campbell, the council’s director of governance and regulation, said: “There has been a generally positive response to the introduction of Decriminalised Parking Enforcement in East Dunbartonshire, with support from local residents, traders, pedestrians and motorists.

“Areas where inconsiderate parking causes safety issues or reduces access to town centre amenities are being focused on.

“We once again thank the public and local traders for their support as we implement the new system.”

Herald readers were split on whether the new scheme could be considered a success.

Speaking on Facebook, Kevin Moore said: “I have only seen one warden so far, I thought there would be an army of them, and I still see drivers continuing to park illegally.”

But Paul Monaghan said: “I personally think they are a little heavy handed.. especially during the roll out.

I agree that people shouldn’t be parking where they shouldn’t but there is a complete lack of parking spaces in Kirkintilloch and that should have been addressed first before the wardens came in.”