Con kids target Clydesdale’s elderly

THE old folk of Clydesdale are now being preyed on by crooks so young that they are more conboys than conmen.

The shocking news that 21st century-style Artful Dodgers were now on the prowl in our area was revealed to the Gazette this week by the head of Clydesdale’s Community Police squad, Inspector Scott Jones.

“We know of one 15-year-old who was using his school computer printer to turn out bogus sponsorship forms and leaflets, promoting a totally mythical charity effort he said he was making,” said the Inspector.

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“This was one young male, a juvenile from the Carluke area, who is just part of a general, cynical targeting of the older folk of our area – the most vulnerable members of our community. It’s a frankly sickening offence.”

To find out more, don’t miss this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette which is in the shops now.

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