Condorrat road risks tackled by councillor

TRAFFIC calming measures in one of Cumbernauld’s busiest thoroughfares just aren’t working - and action must be taken at local authority level before it is too late.

That’s the view of Cumbernauld councillor William Goldie who has been inundated with complaints from residents of Condorrat and has written to road bosses at North Lanarkshire Council.

Constituents have raised fears that speeding drivers in Main Road could take a life – and that increased signage is needed to make roadhogs aware of the risks.

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The Scottish Nationalist said that the problem extended beyond the main street in a very densely populated part of Condorrat.

He said: “Constituents have also raised concerns about Medrox Drive where there is a traffic island and a mini-roundabout. Traffic regularly exceed the 30mph speed limit and this has resulted in a number of “near misses” as well as at least one accident on this road.

“I have been informed that residents have contacted the Police who indicated that they had set up speed checks but that this has had little effect.

“So I have asked the council if it would be possible to have these problems investigated. I have also asked if consideration could be given to increasing the visibility of the speed limit signs and incorporating an illuminated ‘your speed’ sign or any other measures that may prove effective,” he added.

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However, this was not the way the situation was viewed at council level – after roads bosses said they had examined accident statistics.

A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council said: “We are aware of Councillor Goldie’s concerns.

“We prioritise sites where there are five or more injury accidents and this has contributed to an overall reduction in accidents across the council area.

“While there have been two accidents recorded involving injury, neither was speed related and we have no plans to install vehicle activated signs,” he added.