COP26: Tyres of 60 4x4 vehicles in the West End deflated by climate change activists

Activists have punctured the wheels of several “gas guzzling” cars in the West End of Glasgow.

Group Tyred of SUVs took responsibility for the action, saying that the tyres of approximately 60 4x4 vehicles had been deliberately deflated.

The incident came as the curtain draws on climate change event COP26.

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“Crime violation” flyers were placed on the windows of affected cars, reading: “Your SUV contributes to the second biggest cause of carbon emissions rises in the last decade.

“This is why we have disarmed your car by deflating one or more of its tyres.”

It added: “Action is required from you: Go small. Go public transport.”

The group say that no tyres were damaged as part of the protest.

Angry residents took to social media to criticise the action.

Victoria Young tweeted: “to the idiots who did this to my car as I’m trying to get to Paisley High Court this morning, did it ever occur to you that the driver might have to use their vehicle in an emergency? It’s being reported to @PoliceScotland.”

Solicitor Lucy Conn, 31, who lives on Parkgrove Terrace in the West End of Glasgow, was also impacted by the action.

Conn told The Scotsman that she was unfairly targeted as her 1.6l car was not a 4x4.

She revealed that she was required to walk her children to nursery as a result of the incident.

She said: “I thought it was a bit mean given there were two car seats in the back of the car – it’s obviously not a car for one person”.

She added that she felt she had been unfairly targeted, stating: “it is always normal folk that get the brunt of it”.

A Police Spokesperson said: “We are aware of these incidents and there will increased patrols in the area to provide reassurance to local residents.”