Could you spare a few hours to play football with kids?

Milngavie Football Club urgently needs volunteers to help with their classes for disabled children.

They have two pitches on a Wednesday, one for children with conditions such as autism, Down’s Syndrome, visual impairment and many more.

Caroline Diaz, secretary and player protection officer, said: “In this section it is all about just giving the children an hour of fun and mixing with other kids.

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“We do use footballs, however, we are happy to do/play whatever the kids want to do to give them a fun hour in a safe environment. Parents have a viewing area and mix together to share experiences and help each other.”

The other sections are for children that want to play a game of football but cannot in a mainstream team.

Coaches provide lessons/teaching skills and then play football with the children.

This is known as ‘Disability Inclusive’ and the club has just won an award which will be presented by the SFA on January 22.

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