Council back Park Smart campaign

North Lanarkshire Council is supporting the Park Smart campaign which asks parents to park responsibly near the school gates as they drop off and collect their children.

Their pledge to support the campaign comes after we reported last week that police in Cumbernauld are asking drivers to comply with parking and stopping regulations at the school gates - or they could face the consequences.

Police say there has been a significant increase in calls about inconsiderate parking and dangerous conduct by drivers who are dropping off or collecting children at local schools.

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Now the local authority is backing this campaign by Road Safety West of Scotland, which uses the message, “parking at school gates is dangerous and selfish” to raise awareness of the dangers of irresponsible parking outside schools.

It encourages drivers to find a safe place to park every time they pick up or drop off.

Councillor James Coyle said: “ Busy parents obviously want to park as close to the school as possible but everyone’s priority must be to keep children safe rather than convenience or saving time. If people park on yellow zigzag lines, pavements or other areas near the school entrances, they’re putting lives at risk. These areas must be kept clear so that children and parents can see the road and cross safely. We would appeal to parents to park a little further away from the school, to keep the area immediately outside the gates clear and safe.”

Primary and nursery schools will receive leaflets from the council’s Road Safety Team to promote the campaign messages among parents and pupils. The council is a member of Road Safety West of Scotland, which runs Park Smart. The campaign helps council road safety units to target areas where there are particular problems with parking or stopping too near to school gates at the start or end of school.