Councillor keeps up fight to go slow on Ayr Road

Newton Mearns North councillor Charlie Gilbert continues to push to East Renfrewshire Council for a replacement speed camera on Ayr Road.

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As reported in The Extra, the councillor took up the fight amid concerns from the community and Newton Mearns school traffic controllers over speeding traffic.

The subject made headlines in January last year when the lollipop team called for an out-of-use camera to be reinstated - but despite pleas, the council removed the camera in March.

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Councillor Gilbert wrote to ERC’s roads department, and last week commented: “[A camera] emphasises the need for parents, pupils and drivers to be conscious of safety - and for drivers in particular to watch their speed in that area.”

The council replied: “The decision to take remove it was taken to comply with the Scottish Safety Camera Programme Handbook - the site was established in early 1990s, when Ayr Road was a trunk route, but had subsequently been relieved of through traffic by the M77.

“While the five other cameras on Ayr Road had simply been removed, the council secured funding from the SSCP for the provision of a vehicle activated sign...suitable alternative measures are in place to alert drivers of the hazards and to remind them of their responsibilities.”

Councillor Gilbert told The Extra: “I am aware that although the road is deemed to be a single traffic road, the pace of the traffic can still be fast. A camera would be, in my opinion, the best evidence that a driver is speeding at that location.”

It’s a feeling echoed by many Extra readers including Facebook follower Julie Richford, who commented: “It’s a disgrace that Ayr Road, running through a heavily built up area, remains a 40mph limit.

“It seems senseless to have such a huge school on a 40 limit, and I agree with the traffic controllers - they have to stop this traffic at risk of injury to themselves.”

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