Crack down on rogue landlords

ERC are clamping down on landlords who are not 'fit and proper'.ERC are clamping down on landlords who are not 'fit and proper'.
ERC are clamping down on landlords who are not 'fit and proper'.
ANY private landlords who do not operate in a professional manner, or work within the law, will be struck off the private landlord’s register.

That is the stark warning issued by East Renfrewshire council’s housing chiefs as they look to crack down on poor-performing landlords and those they deem to be ‘not fit and proper’.

Recently, the council’s licensing committee came to the decision that a private landlord’s application for inclusion on the council’s private landlord register should be refused.

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This step has refused the individual the right to operate as a private landlord or an agent within East Renfrewshire.

It also give the council the authority to take steps, if need be, to prevent the person operating as a landlord or agent within the bounds of East Renfrewshire.

The aim of the registration is to ensure that all those who operate as a landlord are ‘fit and proper’ for the position.

Among those who may fall foul of the standards are: those who have committed offences such as fraud, dishonesty, violence, drugs, firearms or sexual offences.

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Also, breaching a repairing standard enforcement order or practising unlawful discrimination in any business activity, committing an offence or disqualification of the law relating to housing or landlord and tenant relations could exclude someone from admission to the register.

Housing convener councillor Danny Devlin said: “East Renfrewshire council’s private sector housing team is ken to maintain their links with the majority of private landlords who do operate professionally and abide by the law.

However, the council will review the registration status of any landlord who fails to do so and if necessary enforce the legislation it has to feuse or revoke their registration.”

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