Craig Ferguson back to visit home town

CUMBERNAULD’S most famous son made a return to the town yesterday - just weeks after appearing to have a go at it on American television.

Craig Ferguson, host of The Late Late Show in the states, made a secretive return to his old home town after courting controversy and being branded “a traitor” for saying that Cumbernauld was the main problem with Scotland.

Organisers were keeping the reasons behind his visit close to their chest. But details of actor and comedian Ferguson’s trip emerged on Twitter yesterday, with pupils from Cumbernauld High School tweeting and uploading pictures of the event, despite the organisers best attempts to keep things low-key.

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The News and Chronicle managed to snap Mr Ferguson with a film crew at Cumbernauld High School, as our pictures show, and we can reveal that the former pupil was shooting an episode of his popular talk show at the school and in other locations throughout Cumbernauld and Scotland.

An insider told us: “He came into the school and went into one of the classes. It was all staged and the pupils were pretending to work before he came in.

“He was just having a laugh with everyone. People were acting with him and Michael Clarke Duncan from the Green Mile was there too. He gave one girl a 10 pence piece and a £2 coin and told her how much it was in American money. He must have been a guest on Craig’s show.

“Craig asked about the school and spoke to other classes too. He said he had been to Paris and to another couple of places.

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“It made everyone in the school really hyper, there was a brilliant atmosphere.”

Organisers remained tight-lipped over Craig’s visit but the timing will certainly raise eyebrows, as will the secrecy it has been shrouded in.

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