CRASH - would you know how to react?

What would you do if you were out driving and there was a crash right in front of you? Would you panic and run around like a headless chicken, or would you calmly and methodically do the right things, in the right order? And how would you know what to do? That's where Crash! comes in.
Would you know what to do at an accident scene?Would you know what to do at an accident scene?
Would you know what to do at an accident scene?

Organised by the Glasgow South Group of Advanced Motorists and Motorcyclists, Crash! is the reconstruction of a road traffic collision, and will walk you through step by step what you should do if you were first on the scene. This will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with such a scene effectively.

This will then be followed by the arrival of the Police, Ambulance and Fire Services, each demonstrating how they handle crash scenes. It will end with the Fire Service showing how they extricate trapped casualties from cars, by cutting the roof off. Glasgow South Group will also be offering demonstration drives on the day, to show any interested members of the public what’s involved in advanced driving.

There will also be a fun manoeuvring competition, the prize for the winner being an IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver course, worth £149.

Crash! will be held on Saturday, June 17 from 11am in the car park at Rouken Glen Garden Centre (G46 7JL). The crash simulation starts at 2pm and the event is open to the public.