Alert after pet shot by
callous yob

A vet in Kirkintilloch has put out a warning to pet owners after a kitten lost an eye after being shot by thugs with an airgun.

Nine-month-old Milo was rushed to Martin Veterinary Centre on Thursday, August 1, where it was initially assumed he had been involved in a car accident.

But when the vets x-rayed his head and body to check for further injuries they were shocked to see the kitten had been shot in the eye.

The team at Martin Vets want to warn local pet owner after the incident which 
happened in Lennoxtown.

In a post on their Facebook pageon Friday, they said: “Our excellent vet Deyna x-rayed his head and body and was shocked to see the poor kitten had been shot in the eye.

“Deyna proceeded to 
remove the irreversibly 
affected eye and the loving wee kitten has made a wonderful 

“We are awaiting further advice from specialists.”

The vet surgery hit out: “Who would shoot a defenceless kitten? Please keep your cats safe. The police are involved so hopefully the perpetrator will be caught.”

The kitten’s owner said 
later that although Milo had the operation to successfully remove his eye, the bullet was too far lodged in his head to have it safely removed at the vet surgery.

She said the family were awaiting advice from the vet hospital about advanced screening and a further operation to remove the pellet.

She added she hoped the “disgusting person who has done this” will be caught.

Police told the Herald on Monday they were investigating the horrific incident and are appealing to anyone with any information to contact them on 101.