Bellshill Station passenger notches up Scotland's biggest fine for fare dodging during pandemic

A female passenger who regularly used Bellshill Station has notched up a nationwide record - for the scale of a fine she faced after being caught for fare dodging.

Haymarket station

The woman - who is not being named - travelled into Haymarket Station from the town but claimed on arrival to staff selling tickets that she had in fact disembarked from locations that are nearer to the capital.

The Bellshill Speaker understands that she paid for tickets from locations like Uphall. Slateford and Curriehill which have lower fares - allowing her to pay significantly less than she would have done.

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However it is thought that CCTV cameras proved to her undoing as they prove where journeys begin and she has been fined the grand total of £3143.90.

The case is part of an ongoing crackdown on customers attempting to travel without paying. More than 500 people have been caught, with more than 10,000 tickets confiscated via spot checks by mobile teams.

While refusing to be drawn on any more specifics relating to this case. Phil Campbell, Scotrail Head of Customer Operations, said: “A minority of our customers have been taking advantage of the fact that due to coronavirus restrictions we have been unable to put ticket inspectors on our trains or at most of our stations. We have caught a number of repeat offenders and the message to anyone thinking of dodging their fare is simple. We are watching and we will catch you.”

Police are not involved as the woman has now paid her fine.