Bridge jump threat man attacked cops

Anton McLachlan threatened to jump from bridge over ClydeAnton McLachlan threatened to jump from bridge over Clyde
Anton McLachlan threatened to jump from bridge over Clyde
A man involved in a two-hour stand-off after threatening to jump from a bridge later fought with police in a busy accident and emergency unit.

Anton McLachlan has drugs and alcohol issues but a spell behind bars since the bridge incident has helped “clear his head”, Hamilton Sheriff Court heard.

The 36-year-old, who has family in North Motherwell, admitted assaulting two police officers and smashing one officer’s £80 watch at Wishaw General Hospital on March 6.

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The court heard McLachlan was taken to A&E after agreeing to come down from the bridge over the River Clyde between Motherwell and Hamilton.

Initially he was happy to comply, but after a while in the waiting room with around 60 other patients he became aggressive, shoving one officer to the floor and kicking another.

At one point he ripped a watch from one officer’s wrist and threw it on the floor, smashing the face.

Police reinforcements arrived and McLachlan was finally subdued.

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Kevin McCarron, defending, said McLachlan had intended to end his life that day, but was talked down from the bridge after being assured he would get access to his young child.

The solicitor added: “At the hospital he felt fine and wanted to leave, but says the police were having none of it and things escalated.

“He had been drinking and also has problems with controlled substances which doesn’t help his mental attitude.

“He intends to go to AA. He’s been on remand for this matter and has cleared his head. Custody has served its purpose.”

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Sheriff Allan McKay told McLachlan: “My priority is public safety and the safety of public servants. I regard these offences — in a busy accident and emergency area — as the most serious type of public disorder.”

The sheriff deferred sentence until May 5 for background reports and bailed McLachlan to an address in East Kilbride.