Carluke grandma assaulted three police officers

A noisy house party resulted in a grandmother facing three charges of assaulting police officers.

Lanark Police Station
Lanark Police Station

Evelyn Connor, 54, pleaded guilty to those charges, plus one of threatening behaviour, and was back at Lanark Sheriff Court on Thursday for sentencing.

At an earlier court hearing, she had admitted that, at her home in Carluke’s Peacock Loan on August 6 last year, she behaved in a threatening manner by shouting, swearing and uttering threats of violence.

She also admitted that she assaulted constable Paul Hastie at her home by kicking him to the body and then, later in a police vehicle taking her to Lanark police station, she assaulted Constable Ross Preston by repeatedly spitting on him and assaulted constable Kirsty Hannigan by spitting at her and kicking her to the body.

Depute fiscal Ziad Hassan told the court that, at about 11.30pm on the night in question, three officers responded to a 999 call about a rowdy party going on at Connor’s home.

They arrived and were allowed in by two intoxicated men and were quickly confronted by Connor, also under the influence of drink.

She immediately became aggressive, greeting the officers by saying: “What the **** are you doing in my house? I’ll party if I ******* want to.”

Officers tried to reason with her but she refused to calm down, shouting ‘get ******* out of my house. Do you know who you’re ******* dealing with? I’m a Connor, a ******* Connor. You’re not lifting me.”

Despite that last comment, the officers did attempt to arrest her, but her behaviour was such that they called for back-up.

During the arrest she assaulted Constable Hastie but she was eventually taken to a police vehicle and had to have a specialised mask put on because of her spitting at the other two constables. She also kicked Constable Hannigan.

The court heard that Connor was a grandmother and undertook charity work at a local food bank.

Sheriff Robert Weir ordered Connor to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work for the community.