Crime gangs targeting Glasgow homes with gold

Plain clothed police officers have been monitoring the area. Plain clothed police officers have been monitoring the area.
Plain clothed police officers have been monitoring the area.
Criminal gangs have been breaking into targeted homes in the Greater Pollok areas of Darnley and South Nitshill to steal valuable Asian gold.

Plain clothed police officers have been patrolling neighbourhoods this week as a number of homes had break-ins over the course of recent weeks.

Criminals target certain families to steal their jewellery.

Police Chief Inspector Scott Simpson described the offenders who are understood to come from down south as “professional” housebreakers.

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Chief Inspector Simpson said there has been an “increase in break-ins” at homes targeted for Asian gold.

Speaking at the Greater Pollok Area Partnership meeting today, he said: “It is pre-planned. They travel from down south.”

The Chief Inspector said residents could receive crime prevention surveys to get advice on keeping homes safe.

Labour councillor Saqib Ahmed said houses have been broken into over the last month.

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Speaking after the meeting, the Greater Pollok politician said criminals pick out newer houses occupied by people with “good jobs” or those with their own businesses.

He said it is understood offenders change their vehicle number plates to try and avoid detection.

Councillor Ahmed said homes in the Southpark Village and Whitacre areas have previously suffered break-ins. During the meeting, Councillor Ahmed said last year there was one break-in per week.

He said: “We need to tackle that and have a serious discussion.

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“I’m happy to sit down and discuss this as our communities are suffering.”

Chief Inspector Simpson said multiple plain clothes patrols have been taking place and intelligence is being used to crack down on the problem with a commitment at a national level. He said resources have been committed to tackling the crime and a number of arrests were previously made across the UK.”

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