Dog found in Newhouse area with 60 pellet gun wounds

An appeal for witnesses has been launched by the Scottish SPCA after a dog was found bearing 60 wounds from a pellet gun.

The stricken animal, a tan-coloured lurcher, was found straying in the Newhouse area on Wednesday, August 19.

A dog warden was called in and took him to the charity’s Bothwell-based rescue centre where he was given the name Ashton.

Staff found the animal very fearful of any approaches and he was found to be especially protective of his head an neck area. He was in fact unable to receive a full veterinary check for the first few days - and required heavy sedation to be X-rayed.

It was at this point that it emerged that Ashton had pellets in his skin.

Assistant manager Claire Aiton, said: “When he first arrived he was terrified and showing visible signs of distress. Once the pellets had been removed and Ashton had recovered from the operation, his temperament changed quickly.

“We would like to find out what happened to Ashton. It might be that he wandered too close to farm animals and a farmer has shot him.

“It is lawful for farmers to be able to do this to protect their animals.

“If anyone can provide further information on how Ashton came to be injured in this way then please contact the Scottish SPCA’s confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

It is being stressed too that Ashton will be -re-homed once his rehabilitation has been fully completed.