Drugs discovered in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth are worth £57k

A property in Cumbernauld had another function entirely – as an underground business base where £50,000 worth of illegal drugs were being harvested.

Police with a drugs search warrant swooped on a property in Carbrain’s Millcroft Road on Sunday (May 9) and found a “large scale” cannabis cultivation on-site.

Enquiries are ongoing to trace who is responsible – but Communities Inspector Neil MacLeod has stressed that it is not just the drugs that are the issue but the clear and present danger to properties where the drug is grown at high temperatures.

He warned: “In addition to the cannabis cultivation being recovered, of significance there were obvious signs that the electricity meter had been bypassed.

"Scottish Power have since confirmed that the state the electrics were found to be in was quite simply a fire waiting to happen.

"This property is within a block of flats and the potential for this resulting in a house fire is obvious and real.

"Anyone with any information on where cannabis cultivations may be should alert the police at the earliest opportunity.

This can be done by phoning 101 or crimestoppers if they would prefer to be anonymous. 0800555111."

Telltale signs of cannabis being cultivated go beyond a strong smell from the location.

These also include covered-up windows, high levels of security, condensation year-round, a round-the clock ‘buzz’ of ventilation through the use of fans to encourage plant growth.

A constant and varied stream of visitors to a property at all hours is a giveaway – as is the presence of bright lights which are often activated by a timer at unsociable hours.

Meanwhile it emerged that a house in Kilsyth was the centre of a drugs bust earlier in the week. Police arrived at an address in Courthill Crescent on the morning of Tuesday, May 4 with a drugs search warrant.

They forced entry to the house and after a search of the premises, an estimated £7000 worth of Class A and Class B drugs were found in the house. A 24-year-old male and a 23-year old female were arrested with being in possession of drugs with intent to supply.