Motherwell right-wing slogan scandal at memorial for men who fell in Spanish Civil War

Vandalised memorialVandalised memorial
Vandalised memorial
Heartbreak has quickly given way to widespread defiance after a Spanish Civil War memorial was targeted in a sinister and unexpected act of extreme right wing vandalism in Motherwell's Duchess Park.

Members of the No Paseran Committee had erected the stone in 2013 to commemorate the 11 brave men from Lanarkshire who travelled over to Spain to fight fascism but never came back.

In a cruel unforeseen twist on Saturday the committee – named after the iconic slogan ‘they shall not pass’ - discovered that that this simple but meaningful way of honouring their sacrifice had been daubed with vile slogans which embrace a fascist outlook in turn.

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Yet they’ve been heartened too by support from the community, international supporters and Holyrood, where a motion condemning the move was launched. A clean-up job was also embarked up by father and son Steven McGowan senior and junior who cycled from Wishaw to help.

A committee spokesperson said: “It’s heartbreaking but we were heartened by the widespread condemnation of the vandalism and the overwhelming offers of support to clean and restore the monument. The messages of support that have come in from around the world, reminds us all, that these fascists will always be defeated. Steven and his son demonstrate that good will always triumph.”

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