Family fear Glasgow man Joseph Connelly was murdered after he vanished in 2002

A fresh appeal has been issued about the fate of a Glasgow man who vanished in 2002 amid his own family’s fears that he was murdered.

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Joseph Connelly, who would now be 70, was last seen in April 2002 and has not been in touch with his family since then.He attended a family wedding in Letterkenny in the Republic of Ireland on Saturday, 6 April, 2002 where he was described as unusually subdued.

After returning to Glasgow with his brother and he went to his homin the city’s Govanhill but has not been seen since.Joseph was known to travel extensively and it was not unusual for him to be out of contact with family for long spells, Police Scotland said.However, he would also contact family members around landmark dates such as birthdays and Christmas.

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His sister, who has refused to have Joseph legally declared dead, believes he may have been murdered.Caroline Armour said: “We were told he may have been murdered, the police never found any answers to prove if this was true but we think it is possible.

“I don’t know what my brother was caught up in, at this point that isn’t what is important, I just want to know what happened. My family needs closure.

“We haven't declared him dead and I won’t do it until I know for sure, otherwise it would feel like we gave up on him.”

She added: “Not knowing where Joseph is or what happened to him is torment.”

Detective Sergeant Ally Donaldson said: “Joseph was 50 when last seen and would recently have turned 70-years-old.

“His family continue to look for information about where he is or what may have happened to him to give them closure.

“Our enquiries continue and we are reviewing material available from previous enquiries carried out.

“While we do this, I would urge anyone who knew Joseph or believes they may have information to get in touch.

“Even if what you know seems trivial or insignificant, please get in touch with us as every piece of information could help us piece together what happened to Joseph and where he may be.”Any information can be passed to police by calling 101.