Five in dock to deny causing Carstairs gala day disturbance

On Thursday, the dock of Lanark Sheriff Court was crammed with five people, and all of them denying taking part in a disturbance at a village gala day last year.
Lanark Sheriff CourtLanark Sheriff Court
Lanark Sheriff Court

They all entered pleas of not guilty to the charge that, on June 25 last year, in Carstairs Road, Carstairs, on the village’s annual gala day, they all behaved in a threatening and abusive manner likely to cause others fear or alarm in that they shouted, acted in an aggressive manner and engaged in a fight.

The accused are James Shaw, 46, of Carstairs Road, Carstairs; David Allison, 35, of Carstairs Road, Carstairs; Gail Davidson, 49, of Howes Way, Carstairs Junction; Amanda Reid, 34, of Rosemount Crescent, Carstairs; and Alan Reid, 38, of Mill Road, Cambuslang.

Depute fiscal Ziad Hassan intimated that CCTV evidence would be produced by the crown as evidence in the trial of the five accused, set to take place on Wednesday, July 26.

Four of the five then left the dock, leaving Amanda Reid to be joined there by Colin Allison, 24, of Carstairs Road, Carstairs, to face a separate charge.

This is that, on May 24 last year at the Co-op store in Carstairs Road, Carstairs, they both behaved in a threatening or abusive manner, shouted, swore and acted in an intimidating manner and repeatedly uttered threats of violence towards the shop’s staff members.

Both entered not guilty pleas to the charge.

Their trial is due to take place on Thursday, September 19.