Hospital didn't spot OAP's broken hip

A woman aged 87 was left in agony for more than a week after a hospital x-ray failed to spot she had broken her hip.
X-ray at Wishaw General did not spot fractured hip.X-ray at Wishaw General did not spot fractured hip.
X-ray at Wishaw General did not spot fractured hip.

Jessie Love’s fracture was discovered only after her GP suspected a vascular problem and sent her to another hospital for tests.

Her angry son David said this week: “This sort of thing shouldn’t happen.”

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It’s further criticism for Wishaw General Hospital after the Times & Speaker revealed last month that casualty staff there refused to x-ray New Stevenston schoolgirl Nicolle O’Hara when she complained of a painful arm.

She was sent home in agony and her mother later took her to Monklands Hospital where an x-ray showed she had broken her wrist.

Mr Love, of Bothwell, said his widowed mum went to Wishaw General complaining of pain in her hip. However, after an x-ray she was told there was no fracture.

He was abroad working at the time and when he returned he was shocked to see the state she was in.

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Mr Love said: “She was in agony and couldn’t even get out of her seat. I knew there was something badly wrong because she is not the type to complain.

“There was a bruise on her foot and her GP thought there might be a problem with her veins.

“He arranged for an ambulance to take her to Hairmyres Hospital. There they found no vascular issue but an x-ray showed she had indeed broken her hip.”

Mrs Love, who lives in Wishaw, had surgery to replace half of her hip and was still in hospital three weeks later.

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Her son said: “She is a lot better now and has started walking about.

“Hopefully she will be fine. She was very active before this and would walk to the shops.”

Mr Love was reluctant to expose the hospital to more criticism. He said: “They do a lot of good, but this is unacceptable.

“What if my mum didn’t have any family to look out for her? She could still be sitting at home in agony.”

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Marion Mark, Wishaw General’s director of hospital services, said: “We strive to provide the highest standard of care to all our patients and we are concerned to hear of any instance where someone feels we have not done so.

“Due to patient confidentiality we cannot discuss individual cases.

“However, we would encourage Mrs Love and her family to contact us through our formal complaints process so that we can investigate fully and address their concerns.”