Increasing women’s safety together

Wise Women is a unique, voluntary sector organisation in Glasgow that supports women to improve their personal safety.

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The experiences gathered will be used to support decision makers to prioritise women’s safety

Wise Women, with Glasgow Girls Club, Commonplace and Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership, have been promoting a Women’s Safety Survey heatmap in Glasgow since December 10.

The heatmap is due to close on March 1, with initial findings being release on March 9.

Wise Women and Glasgow Girls Club will then consult with Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership to organise focus groups with women to explore women’s safety needs further.

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By Janaury 31 there had been 433 contributions from women, including:

“Far too dark to walk down just to go to the shops. Have been cat called multiple times which is harassment. Also lots of groups of young men/older teens who live in Ballindalloch Drive hanging about the bus stops drinking a lot making women feel unsafe. Paths are bumpy and full of pot holes which makes it impossible for a disabled woman like myself to be able to travel safely.”

“I've been followed by men in cars several times in this area and actually sometimes the same man more than once over time. He drives a silver/blue Ford focus and asks if you know where the nearest petrol station is as a way to start the conversation before asking to take you for a drink etc. Seemed innocent enough the first time but as this has now happened more than once I don't think it's a coincidence.”

“Sauchiehall Street is known amongst my friends as a hub for harassment. This is unfair as it is one of the busiest streets in Glasgow and good place for a night out. Women shouldn't have to restrict their movements, and socialising due to the actions of males.”

Dawn Fyfe, strategic development worker at Wise Women, said: “As we move into the final four weeks of the survey, we are shifting the focus from purely informing women about the map to challenging common held attitudes towards the harassment and abuse women experience in public spaces.”

Download the app to access the survey or visit QR codes are displayed on posters in public spaces.