Intruder (21) who broke in to woman's bedroom in Motherwell is sentenced

A woman in her 60s found an intruder in her bedroom in the early hours of the morning.

Hammy sheriff
Hammy sheriff

The plucky female confronted 21-year-old Andrew Slowey and demanded to know what he was doing.

Slowey told her he was homeless and legged it through the open ground floor bedroom window.

He was, in fact, living in homeless accommodation at the time and the caretaker there had seen him go out at half past midnight.

Slowey was jailed for five months at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

He admitted breaking into a house in Roman Road, Motherwell, with intent to steal on February 18.

Slowey also admitted threatening or abusive behaviour towards police officers in Wishaw on May 17.

The court heard the woman was wakened by her dog barking at 5.30am and went to check if everything was ok.

When she returned to her bedroom she found Slowey in the process of climbing out the window.

Her son, who had been getting ready for work, heard a commotion.

He then found his mum in the bedroom confronting the intruder.

Slowey made off but was traced later.

In relation to the incident in May, he was abusive towards police officers in Greenfield Street, Wishaw, late at night.

He told one officer 'I know where you stay and I'll see you when you're out of uniform.

I'll torch your house - boom!'

Slowey's aggressive behaviour continued after he was arrested.

He was spitting continually and a spithood had to be applied to stop him.

Defence agent Bobby Reid said Slowey had drugs and alcohol issues and couldn't explain his behaviour.

Referring to the break-in, Mr Reid pointed out: "At least there was no aggression shown and he made no threats.

"My client doesn't remember why he was there."

Jailing Slowey, Sheriff Louise Gallacher said: "This lady must have been terrified by your conduct."

Slowey had the five-month stretch added to a four-month sentence imposed earlier in the day for a domestic assault.