Killer of a man in Lanark sentenced to life imprisonment at the High Court

A murderer who stabbed a man to death and got rid of his clothes in a river was given a life sentence last week.
The killer of Peter Kirkwood was sentenced to life last week at the High Court.The killer of Peter Kirkwood was sentenced to life last week at the High Court.
The killer of Peter Kirkwood was sentenced to life last week at the High Court.

Kevin Geoghegan, 46, pounced on Peter Kirkwood, 24, in Lanark, on July 16 2022.

Geoghegan had earlier barged into Kirkwood and his group of friends as they left a nearby pub.

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The attacker - who was armed with two knives - went on to grab a traffic cone and goaded the group.

Geoghegan then struck Mr Kirkwood's body and arm at least seven times with the fatal blow being to his upper chest.

He then fled the scene, cleaned himself up, changed his clothing and dumped them into the River Clyde.

Geoghegan was found guilty at the High Court in Glasgow of murdering Mr Kirkwood.

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He was also convicted of assaulting Mr Kirkwood's friend Erdzhan Mamedov to his injury.

Geoghegan, of Lanark, was given a minimum punishment part behind bars of 18 years by Judge Lord Clark.

He said: "The murder involved stabbing Mr Kirkwood at least seven times with one of them causing his death.

"The knife entered his chest cavity, went through his lung, penetrating the heart, damaging an artery which gave rise to his death. This was a vindictive attack with serious brutality.

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"There is no sentence I can impose which can alleviate the devastating impact of the family members of Mr Kirkwood."

Mr Kirkwood's family and friends - who all wore his favourite colour red in the public gallery - were visibly emotional after the verdict was read out.

The court heard that Mr Kirkwood, Mr Mamedov and their friends had been at the Wallace Cave pub.

Geoghegan had been at a friend's house drinking and walked on a route which would take him to his mother's home.

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Mr Kirkwood and his friends left the Wallace Cave around 1am when Geoghegan ran and barged through the group. He then went on to pick up a traffic cone.

Geoghegan told the court that he and the group shouted at each other.

Prosecutor Erin Campbell asked Geoghegan if he was goading the group and he replied: "I suppose so."

He told the court that he had two serrated steak knives in his pocket but denied looking for trouble that night.

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Geoghegan claimed that he was attacked by two men and he swung the blades about.

Miss Campbell said: "Somehow you managed to get Mr Kirkwood four times on the upper chest? Just randomly swinging them about?

Geoghegan replied: "Yes."

The advocate depute went on to say: "I suggest that you pulled out the knife and there was a scuffle between you and you lost it.

Geoghegan replied: "No."

Jurors heard that Mr Mehmedov also received a slash to his face.

Geoghegan claimed that it was self defence.

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He told John Scullion KC, defending, that he received cuts bleeding and bruising from the alleged attack on him.

Mr Scullion: "Did you mean to kill Mr Kirkwood?" Geoghegan replied: "No."

Mr Scullion: "How do you feel that he sustained fatal injuries?"Geoghegan then replied: "Gutted."