Police round-up sees two women face drugs charges in Carbrain and Condorrat

A visit to a Cumbernauld home on an “unrelated matter” has seen a 43-year-old female resident facing a drugs charge after a small amount of a substance believed to be heroin was found on the premises.

The incident took place on Friday, November 19 around 12.35pm

Later that day, at 9.40pm police had reason to speak to the drive and passengers of a car in Central Way – all of whom were searched.

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A 26-year-old passenger was found with two ‘reefer’ style cigarettes on his person and was given a warning.

Meanwhile a home in Condorrat's Morar Drive was raided by police looking for drugs on Monday. November 22 around 10.40am -and a car too was searched.

A large quantity of cash and what is believed to be controlled drugs were found in the process.

Police confirmed that a 37 year old female was arrested on several alleged drug offences and a road traffic offence and is scheduled to appear in court.