Police swoop on drug taking in Cumbernauld

Cumbernauld police dealt with two men in regard to drugs-related offences on Friday June 10.

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Officers had reason to speak to a 50-year-old male in Carbrain's Greenrigg Road whose behaviour had caught the eye of police.

On questioning him, they found the male to be under the influence of an unknown sustance.

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The man was searched and a piece of tinfoil was found on his person with what was believed to be a controlled drug.

He was then issued with a recorded police warning.

The other incident involved a 22-year-old male who was allegedly smoking a ‘reefer’ style cigarette in Abronhill’s Cedar Road when he was seen by officers out on patrol.

On noticing that he had been spied allegedly smoking drugs, he attempted to hide the cigarette on his person but police stopped him and he was then searched.

The illegal item was then recovered.

The man received a recorded police warning for drug possession.