Pre-match disorder at Broadwood

Police have confirmed that officers were called to Broadwood Stadium when Seafar Villa Blue played Burnhead Colts on Friday.

Stewards and members of the public became increasingly concerned at the conduct of a throng of teenage supporters shortly before the kick-off.

Some 30 teenagers on holiday from school were said to be involved in unruly scenes which saw the hyped-up youngsters banging a drum.

There were even reports that the group had set off fireworks and police were quickly summoned at 7.40pm.

An operation was soon undeway to eject the group who then faced police.

Constable Davy Cumming said: “This crowd were searched for pyrotechnics but we can confirm none were found.

“It was not really what you would expect at a game which featured teenagers. We think all those involved were under 18,’’ he added.

Seafar Villa team coach Jim McTurk said: “It was just a case of wee boys being stupid. It finished as quick as it started.

Last month officers were called to the stadium after terrified fans from East Fife had their coach pelted with stones after playing Clyde FC.