St Vincent Street blocked off by Extinction Rebellion protesters

A busy Glasgow street has been blocked off by protesters

A small group of Extinction Rebellion protesters blocked off St Vincent Street using a dinghy.

The dinghy, contained an oil barrel and fake blood, as well as two protesters, one wearing a Boris Johnson mask, the other one featuring the face of Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro.

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Some are blocking the road, while other are standing nearby with signs reading: “Defund Deforestation”.

Extinction Rebellion have confirmed to Glasgow World that they are behind the disruption.

In a press release they said they are “acting in solidarity to put a stop to investment in deforestation and land grabbing.”

They added: “the group held a protest in front of the St Vincent Street branch of Santander in Glasgow to denounce the Bank’s criminal complicity in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the climate emergency.

“Two members of the group lay in a ‘bloodbath’ to symbolise the destructive impacts of Santander’s investments.

“The group help banners reading ‘SANTANDER = BLOOD MONEY’ and ‘DEFUND DEFORESTATION, HONOUR OUR ENVIRONMENTAL DEBTS’. Others sprayed ‘blood money’ and ‘protect Amazon’ on the front of the building. “

A man appears to have been arrested for spray painting the building.

A band from Extinction Rebellion are also outside the bank.

Police Scotland have been contacted for a statement.

Why are Extinction Rebellion protesting against Santander?

Extinction Rebellion have explained their motives for the protest.

They wrote: “according to a 2019 Amazon Watch report titled ‘Complicity in Destruction II’ as the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon provides 20% of our oxygen, houses 10% of the planet’s biodiversity, and helps stabilize the global climate. The world needs it to survive. None understand this better than the indigenous peoples and traditional communities who call it home, and are proven to be its best stewards.

“In the last two years deforestation has damaged the Amazon so badly that two large research studies recently found that it is emitting more greenhouse gases than it can store. This is a terrifying indication that we could soon lose the world’s largest carbon sink, which could tip us into a full-blown climate catastrophe.

“The Complicity in Destruction II report shows that Santander is the second largest US or EU bank involved in providing credit for the major Brazilian beef exporters.”