Text message about parcel delivery has cost victim of fraud £1400 after parting with her bank details

Police and trading standards officers in Lanarkshire have flagged up a parcel scam which saw one woman unwittingly part with a £1,400 sum after receiving a fraudulent text.

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The woman, who was in fact expecting a delivery received a message claiming to be from Evri. It asked her to click on a link to pay a shipping fee of £1.45 and that failure to do so would result in the parcel being returned to the sender.

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She was asked to provide her bank details. Then a follow up call from another scammer who claimed to be from her bank's fraud department. It stated there had been suspicious activity on her account.It was at this point she was convinced to transfer the high value sum to a new 'safe' account.

Evri have since stated too that they never ask for payment in this way.