Viewpark dog walker caught with a stun gun at home of his father

A dog walker caught with an illegal stun gun has been ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid community work.

By Clare Grant
By Clare Grant
By Clare Grant

Michael Schreiber claimed he found the device in woodland and didn't realise it was a prohibited weapon. Police officers noticed it in his bedroom when they were speaking to him about another matter.

Schreiber, 41, of Juniper Road, Viewpark, appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court. He admitted possession of a stun gun at his father's home in Acer Gardens on February 20.

Aga Mathieson, prosecuting, said Schreiber's dad called the police after a row. When officers arrived around 10.15pm his son was sleeping in bed. She told the court: "The officers noticed a device on top of his bed that they recognised as a stun gun.

"The accused confirmed it was his. He said he found it in Viewpark Glen while walking his dog, adding 'I thought it was a tool for the car and put batteries in it'."

Schreiber was then charged with possessing a prohibited weapon and replied 'I don't think that's fair. I just found something. It has nothing to do with me'.

Schreiber's lawyer said he did eventually "work out what it was", but stressed: "There is no suggestion that the device was ever used. His position is it never left his bedroom after he took it home and was there for a significant period of time."

Sheriff Thomas Millar said it was a serious offence but he was prepared to impose a community payback order as an alternative to prison. Schreiber was given 12 months to complete the unpaid work.