Were you visited by a bogus caller in Viewpark or Motherwell?

Police are looking for witnesses following visits from bogus callers in both Viewpark and Motherwell last Thursday (May 13)
Police carPolice car
Police car

Officers received one call about an incident around 9.40am - where two men claimed to be employees of North Lanarkshire Council. They said they needed to do roofing work on safety grounds but the householder did not fall for it and called police. Anyone who also encountered these men is asked to call 101 quoting incident 0827.

Another call came in after it emerged that a lone man was targeting Motherwell residents -and that he succeeded in his quest to steal from an unsuspecting victim around 1.20pm.

Again the man claimed to be an employee of NLC – but he said that he needed to fix an issue with the water supply. This was simply a means of gaining access to steal -which the man allegedly did when his victim's back was turned.

Anyone who interacted with the conman is now asked to call 101 quoting incident number 1552

There was also a report of a man in the wider area that morning who told at least one victim in Wishaw that he needed to investigate a "bad smell" in the garden.

However, the fraudster did not stop at the garden, gained entry to the house then stole from the owner - and police cannot outrule that the man will use this same excuse to get a access elsewhere.

A police spokesman said: "These criminals are falsely claiming to be from reputable agencies with the intention of committing crime. Please remain vigilant.”