Wider warning on use of illegal dirt bikes after Kilsyth cases hit recent headlines

The continuing use of dirt bikes in the Kilsyth area has been a bone of contention in the town since better weather began – but now a Lanarkshire-wide warning has been issued by fed-up Police Scotland.

Dirt bikers
Dirt bikers

The force has continued to see reports throughout the division of thoughtless riders taking to a number of different kinds of bikes illegally.

Police include quad bikes, dirt bikes, mini motos and mopeds in the round up of bikes involved, often in densely populated areas where pedestrians could come to harm.

In addition to the reckless behaviour of riders who create a road safety hazard, the powerful motorised engines on the bikes also present a noise nuisance within the community.

Inspector Alan Mulholland said: “These bikes are a danger to people walking their dogs, using the public footpaths and nature trails. Anyone found in these circumstances will have them seized and will be reported with a view to gaining points on their licenses/provisional licenses.

"In the case of younger people riding bikes, I don’t think their parents realise how dangerous this activity is when done in public places and that they too may be subject of being charged for causing and permitting the use of the bikes.

"I am committed to challenging peoples’ attitude towards this and if it means sending a tough message by seizing peoples bikes, we’ll do that. There are bike tracks, professionally run throughout the country where it is safe to ride but the footpaths aren’t and it will not be tolerated."