Woman arrested in Kilsyth

Police have been dealing with a spate of incidents in Kilsyth over a two day period that finally led led to the arrest of a 43 year old-female.

Officers confirmed that they received a number of callouts in relation to the conduct of the woman who was allegedly making a nuisance of herself in two key areas between Monday. July 29 and Wednesday, July 31.

The areas in question were Main Street and Charles Street - and the conduct involved is said to have caused distress to elderly and vulnerable people living there.

A number of them called 999 amidst claims that the woman demanded entry to a number of homes

However the matter did not end there.

For the charges relate not only to disorder but two counts of theft

A police spokesperson said: “The female has since appeared at court at which time she was subject of bail conditions being imposed that she does not enter Charles Street or Main Street in Kilsyth at any time of the day.”