Young thugs hunted in Kilsyth and Cumbernauld

Police dealt with two incidents in two days where large groups of youths were intent on causing mayhem in both Cumbernauld and Kilsyth.

The first episode took place in the scenic surroundings of Cumbernauld House around 9pm on Friday – an area which has long been linked to underage alfresco drinking.

Police say that two males who are aged 22 and 23 were making their way along a footpath when they were approached by a 20-strong group of youths.

The gang mounted a cowardly attack on the duo and the older man was hit on the head with a glass bottle.

Fortunately, the two males were able to escape from the mob and called the police.

An ambulance took them both to hospital where the 23-year-old received stitches to his head.

The second incident took place in Kilsyth after 11pm in Main Street.

Police heard from horrified eyewitnesses that a large group of youths was trying to gain access to a house in Main Street.

When police arrived, the large crowd of youths ran off but police managed to stop two males who at just 15 years-old, should have been at home in bed.

Instead, the pair had been roaming about with weapons .

A search revealed that one of the boys had been armed with a lock knife – which he tried in vain to get rid of when the officers approached

And the other had been carrying a screwdriver.

Both boys were taken back to their respective homes where they were cautioned.

Both are facing two charges relating to the possession of weapons and trying to stage a break-in.

Meanwhile police have confirmed that they are seeking a wilful fireraiser who was seen leaving a flat in Cedar Road at 10.50pm on Friday.

The man who is thought to be between 18 and 24 years old was seen trying to set fire to a piece of paper which had been shoved in a letterbox.

However, the door to the property opened and a man came out causing the would-be fireraiser to flee.

Thankfully the resident was able to extinguish the fire but called police with a description of the culprit.

He is of slim build and was wearing a blue cagoule with a white stripe down each arm.

The man was also wearing a pair of black tracksuit trousers and white trainers bearing the Reebok brand.

A search of the area failed to find the man but anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.