Croy nursery bades farewell to much much loved staff member

A MUCH-LOVED staff member at Holy Cross nursery class is retiring after caring for two generations of local children.

Early years worker Bernadette Gallacher, from Kildrum, has notched up 28 years of service - firstly at Croy Nursery then at Holy Cross Nursery class. Many of her original pupils are now bringing their own children to the school – and have been happy to see a familiar face.

Nursery teacher Elizabeth Kerr said that her colleague’s departure is something they view with great sadness – but acknowledges that Bernadette will now be able to enjoy more time with her own family.

Mrs Kerr said: “Bernadette has shown commitment and affection to many under fives here. We wish her a long, healthy and happy retirement.’’

A special presentation was handed over to an emotional Bernadette, who said: “I was sad to leave but I am going to come back and do some voluntary work at the nursery so they are not getting rid of me just yet!’’

A trip to New Zealand is now on the cards where Bernadette will visit son Kenneth’s family - including two-year-old grandson Matthew who she’s never met.