Cumbernauld and Kilsyth’s school crossing patrols could be casualties of cuts.

Lollipop ladies and their male counterparts were telephoned at home by North Lanarkshire Council, warning them that their hours could change dramatically.

The shock call has prompted fears about the safety of the youngsters who could have to cross the roads without being steered across by a friendly face. In Condorrat, where there are calls for traffic calming measures, (see page 19) the local tenants and residents association believes this would be a step too far.

Chairwoman Kate McLean said: “I just don’t see how you can justify this.We are talking about an area where we have three primary schools plus St Maurice’s High School.

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“The children are crossing the road not just going to school and coming home but at lunchtime when they go to the shops for their lunch

“The truth is that these roads have these patrols in the first place because they are dangerous,” she said.

A council spokesman c said: “Staff across the council have been briefed on the potential impact the savings options could have on their service.

“A wide-ranging consultation with all our residents has been approved. Until this has been completed and the responses analysed, we cannot discuss individual savings options,” he added.