Cumbernauld couple celebrate golden wedding

The Royals aren’t the only ‘Noble’ family marking a big anniversary at the moment as Christine and Andrew Noble celebrated 50 years of marriage at the weekend.

They have lived in Cumbernauld since 1966, currently residing in Abronhill, but met in Glasgow at Andrew’s 17th birthday party.

Andrew (70), said: “I’d left school at 15 and taken a job as a van boy, which I followed by joining the Merchant Navy, but I decided to leave as I’d met my wife. It was a short career!

“I lived in Springburn at the time while she was in Maryhill, so when we were courting I would walk over to hers. It seems like a fair distance now but back then nobody had cars so we didn’t really think about such things.”

In 1962 - when Andrew was 20 and Christine 21 - the couple wed at Maryhill High Church. Andrew said: “We married on my birthday so I’d never forget an anniversary!”

They went on to have three children, though sadly their eldest, Drew, passed away aged just 39. Their surviving children are Alan and Janice. Christine and Andrew have six grandchildren, five boys and a girl.

During his working life Andrew has been a railway signalman and worked for a carpet company, and the Nobles also spent time working at a crisp factory.

The couple celebrated their anniversary, and Andrew’s 70th birthday in quiet fashion by taking a break in Pitlochry.

Christine (71), who attributes the strength of her and Andrew’s marriage to “patience and a sense of humour”, said: “We didn’t want people making a big fuss over us so we went away together, and had a lovely time. Even the weather was good so we were able to go for quite a few walks.”