Cumbernauld firefighters save horse in Castlecary

A horse had stumbled down a disused mineworks in the area behind the Castlecary House Hotel after 9am and firefighters had to rack their brains on how best to retrieve the animal.

Ultimately they decided that all the specialist equipment at their disposal could not match the efficiency of a more basic item in their midst – after the stricken creature was strapped to a tractor.

The horse’s weight prevented an instant result but soon the animal had been yanked to safety.

And with the support from firefighters and eyewitnesses, the animal was led into a horsebox and taken away for treatment.

Meanwhile crew commander John Ross of Cumbernauld Fire Station warned walkers to be on their guard in this picturesque stretch of land which has a few hidden pitfalls.

He said: “Obviously some of these mines were filled in during the upgrade of the M80 but obviously not all of them were dealt with.

“We would just like to issue a general safety warning for this area because it could be dangerous,” he added.

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