Cumbernauld High goes green

CUMBERNAULD High School has received over £2500 from Awards For All to spend developing the Eco Garden and to encourage community events.

Uli Hudak of the parent council and volunteer gardener Kenny McGregor are helping Ms Wiggins with this project.

Already the pupils in the Eco group have turned the ground between the common room and the dining room into an eco orchard.

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At the moment approximately 20 trees have been planted by LCSC pupils.

Kildrum Primary school are also involved as they donated trees for the garden.

Pupils from Kildrum will be coming up to help the Eco Group at the high school plant the trees in the orchard area.

The next task is to get the garden looking good for the garden party on Friday, June 15. The Eden Project in Cornwall will be sending a photographer and potentially a video crew to record the party and use the garden as an example of good practice.

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Ms Wiggins said: “As you can imagine there is a lot of work to do.”

The parent council organised a “Working Saturday” at the weekend, when staff, pupils and parents were encouraged to get involved in working in the eco garden.

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