Cumbernauld shops shut as plans for leisure complex move to next stage

Half of Forth Walk is now shut as builders move in to test the site’s suitability for a long awaited cinema complex within Cumbernauld Centre.

Decades-old hairdressers Frisco is moving to Tay Walk, the Helping Children charity shop will move to the former One Stop Shop premises but RS McColl is staying put for the forseeable future.

Meanwhile beauty salon Relaxaroma has also moved downstairs.

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It’s been confirmed that company that owns the centre, Hamcap (Cumbernauld Ltd ‘‘still hopes to progress with a leisure -led scheme’’ but it is being stressed that the work at the moment is still ‘‘investigatory’’

This is why the Vue cinema chain continues to neither confirm or deny whether it will invest in the centre.

Stephen Hill of agent Belgate Properties confirmed: “The landlord is advancing the next stage of their plans by implementing this closure.

“Since they acquired the centre in June 2013, plans have been considered which have resulted in this area being considered for the first phase of development.

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“The closure of what will be a vacant section of mall will have the positive effect of streamlining footfall within the rest of the town centre and applies to the area beyond RS McColl to the east link entrance which joins the town centre with the Antonine Centre,’’ he added.

Visitors to the centre will no longer be able to access Forth Walk from the Antonine Centre east link. However the west link will remain open on a 24 hour basis.