Day in the hills pays for picture perfect Jamie

Outdoor enthusiast Jamie Mina is hoping to land his 'dream job' after snapping up a top prize in a national wildlife photography competition.

Jamie on the lookout for wildlife in Viewpark Glen where he honed his photography skills.

It was reward for his patience after the Viewpark man spent hours stalking mountain hares with a guide in the Cairngorm mountains.

Jamie was delighted with his picture of the hare which won the best portrait prize in the British Wildlife Photography Awards.

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He hopes it will open up opportunities for him to pursue his love of photography on a full time basis.

Jamie, of Tamarack Crescent, said: “I’ve always had an interest in the outdoors, but this was my first entry for a big competition.

“The mountain hare is an iconic Scottish animal and the picture came after a day in the hills with ranger guide Andy Howard who showed me how to get close to them.

“We tracked them all day and the one in my picture was particularly tolerant. I spent about an hour taking pictures of him until the light started to go.”

Until now Jamie’s work has mainly been on show to fellow members of Airdrie and Coatbridge Photography Club.

He said: “The standard in wildlife photography is extremely high so I was really surprised when I got the call to say I’d won.

“As well as winning a camera, my photo appears in the awards book and I’m hoping the exposure will lead to commissions. A career in photography would be my dream job.”

Though he travels around Scotland, Jamie retains a soft spot for Viewpark Glen where he has taken photographs of woodpeckers, kingfishers and foxes. He’s sad that industrial development and roads expansion have eaten into the area.

Jamie said: “I learned all I know about wildlife in Viewpark Glen.

“There are still photos to be taken if you know where to look, but what they’ve done to that area is a disgrace. Most of the wildlife has been wiped out.”