Debate over Forum voting

A HEATED debate over the election processes of Cumbernauld Community Forum took place at the group’s recent meeting.

The contradicting views arose after two members of the forum, current chairperson Billy Lees and vice chairperson Alice Homer, were running for the same position in the recent election.

Billy had received eight nominations and Alice had received five and by standard procedures Billy would be elected to the position after having gained more votes.

However, some members of the forum claimed it had been agreed at a meeting two years ago that if such a situation were to arise then a private ballot would be held with all members voting on the contested position.

Forum Secretary Ian Sinclair said: “I think the main thing is having a look through the constitution.

“It really doesn’t go into any details at all about voting procedures and I would propose that we tidy that up.

“There are two main proposals and the important thing is to adopt one.”

The group decided that they will hold an extraordinary general meeting to resolve the issue on November 8, at 6.30pm, before the main meeting in Cumbernauld College.