Debi is a real role model

A fitness fanatic whose dedication to sport runs in the family is leading the race to become the face of a global nutrician company.
Debi McKay is looking for your votesDebi McKay is looking for your votes
Debi McKay is looking for your votes

Debi McKay (23) from Lenzie, has been shortlisted alongside five other female candidates to become the next ‘Face of USN’.

The sports nutrition brand launched a nationwide campaign to find the next male and female “Face of USN” at the beginning of October, and the shortlist has now been whittled down to just half a dozen females and males.

A fitness fanatic from an early age, Debi competed in gymnastics since the age of just four, as well as endless other activities such as pole vault, javelin and discus.

She’s now made the switch to bodybuilding and has already accomplished her dream of becoming a pro-bikini model.

She said: “I’ve always loved to try out new sports and challenge my body in different ways.

“My dad competed for Great Britain in swimming, surfing and gymnastics and has always been a massive inspiration for me.”

The pair actually competed alongside each other, albeit in different age categories, at the same world swimming event, with her father scooping a 6th place finish in the masters’ category.

Mum-of-one Debi now hopes to lead by example and inspire her little girl, Ellie, aged 4, with her latest healthy exploits.

Also juggling two businesses as both a cafe owner and custom cake designer, she certainly lives life in the fast lane, but has still found time to achieve professional status as a bikini model after just one year’s training and managed to bag two first places in recent competitions.

She said: “It seemed more of a dream than a reality at first with such a hectic lifestyle, but I love what I do.

“Balance is so important, and I think Ellie and I both support each other – she hopes to become a dancer someday.”

Having set out her stall as a contender to become the next “Face of USN”, Debi will have to wait until December to find out if she’s won, as she hopes to continue to inspire and motivate others to follow healthier lifestyles.

She explained: “Being the next face of USN would really top off my dream – I want to inspire people globally to open their mind up to the fact that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.”

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