Decoy boy catches out two Clydesdale off-licences

A 16-year-old ‘decoy boy’ was employed by the police to catch out two Clydesdale off-licences selling drink to an under-age person.

In one case, he was served TWICE by the same off-sales within five weeks, DESPITE his undercover identity being revealed to the shop after the first incident!

The sting operation by Strathclyde Police led both businesses to be called before the Clydesdale Area Licensing Board on Friday to explain themselves.

The result was that the one that had twice failed the “test purchase” – Riverside Stores in Kirlfieldbank– had its drinks licence suspended for a fortnight.

The other, Keystore in Lanark’s Cleghorn Avenue, which turned the decoy away on his second visit, was let off with a written warning.

A police representative told the board the details of the operations.

At Riverside Stores on April 14 their 16-year-old ‘agent’ entered and asked for a drink and was served with no proof of age being asked for.

Exactly the same youth entered the store again on May 18 – and was served unchallenged again.

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