Does anyone recognise mystery Laurieston family?

Reader Jordan McManus is trying to reunite a case of photos and papers with a family he thinks may once have stayed in Laurieston's Grahamsdyke Street.

He found them some years ago in the loft of his home in Troon, when he was getting set to move, and has tried then and since to trace the owners - so far wih no success.

Mr McManus said: “With the growth of social media, and having rediscovered them in a cupboard, I felt I should try again.

“The case contains a family photo album with pictures of babies and toddlers on a beach as well as group shots of adults.

“Some of these are dated 1952 and I am certain they will be of sentimental value to surviving family members”.

He added: “The papers refer to an Arthur Doyle, 237 Grahamsdyke Street, Laurieston, but I do not believe any of the family still live at this address.

“From what I managed to previously establish I think this Mr Doyle was a school teacher in Falkirk.

“He may also have been part of the church or at least present at the opening of the Church of God, Parkburn Road, Kilsyth. there is a programme from the opening/dedication ceremony for this in the bag too”.