Don’t risk it this Christmas say cops

POLICE Scotland has launched its annual festive campaign, in association with the Scottish government and Transport Scotland, warning about the dangers of drinking and driving.

According to police, over 20,000 drivers are stopped on Scotland’s roads every month.

If breathalysed and found to be over the legal limit, they are prosecuted — which results in an automatic loss of licence and a criminal record for a minimum of 20 years.

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It’s a consequence which can affect future job prospects and finances — but with Christmas and New Year celebrations in full swing, driving home after a few drinks can still seem tempting.

The message from inspector Craig Linton, of Glasgow’s road policing unit, is: don’t risk it.

Inspector Linton told The Extra: “Officers from Greater Glasgow’s divisional road policing unit will be out and about keeping people safe on the southside streets during the festive season.

“Anyone going to parties or other events should plan ahead and use public transport or taxis if they drink.

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“There is no excuse for driving after having a drink. Aside from the very obvious dangers of causing death or serious injury, anyone caught drink driving will be arrested and then face a court appearance, followed by an automatic driving ban and the prospect of a fine or imprisonment.”

An estimated one in eight deaths on Scottish roads are attributed to drivers over the limit and officers warn that even one drink can impair driving.

Visit for more information about the campaign.