Education chiefs douse false school fire safety rumours

Parents have been reassured that rumours that a new primary school has failed to meet fire safety regulations are completely false.
Pupils outside the new schoolPupils outside the new school
Pupils outside the new school

A concerned mum contacted the Herald after being told that Thomas Muir Primary, in Bishopbriggs, still required to have fire safety checks carried out four weeks after opening, along with a number of allegations.

A complaint was made to both the council and the fire service but the rumour has proven to have no basis in fact.

All the correct safety inspections and drills HAVE been carried out and the fire service are happy with all the arrangement in place.

Chief Education Officer, Jacqui MacDonald, said: “The safety of children is the highest priority for everyone involved in education in East Dunbartonshire.

“It is important to be clear that all East Dunbartonshire Schools meet all relevant fire safety requirements, and the new Thomas Muir Primary School is no exception.

“Before the building was handed over to the council, as part of the building warrant, the fire strategy for the school building was reviewed and approved by the Building Standards team and Scottish Fire and Rescue, who witnessed the testing and approved the fire strategy.

“Before the building opened, a fire safety risk assessment and a fire evacuation plan was developed by EDC fire safety officers and the school.

“This was put in place in the school, and all staff were familiarised with the building and their responsibilities as fire wardens. The school have also held a fire drill to ensure that all pupils are familiar with evacuation plans. Scottish Fire and Rescue have confirmed that they have no concerns with fire safety arrangements at the school.

“We will be writing to parents to reassure them that the school is a safe environment for all pupils.”