Eilidh’s 23 inches closer to Malawi charity trip

WILLIAMWOOD girl Eilidh Morrison has braved the chop in the name of not one but two charitable causes.

The Williamwood High pupil (15) is raising money for a trip to Malawi in June, where she’ll volunteer with a group of 30 fifth year students from the school.

Eilidh told The Extra: “We’re going to be teaching lessons about Scotland to the children there, just as we learn about Malawi here.

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“We’re also hoping to be involved in either the construction or renovation of classrooms in co-operation with the charity Classrooms for Malawi.

“The lack of proper classrooms over there is astonishing, so that’s how the group hope to use the money we’ve raised.”

The fundraising drive is off and running, including a recent Burn’s Night — and it was there that Eilidh volunteered to chop 23 inches off her hair.

It’s not just the children of Ekwendeni in Malawi who’ll benefit from Eilidh’s charity, as her long locks have been donated to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for sick kids who’ve suffered hair loss.

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She explained :”I had the idea early on while applying for the trip and foolished promised two of my friends that they could wield the scissors.

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would actually do it, but I stayed true to my word and am very glad that I did — by having my Mega Haircut, I’ve been able to raise funds for the trip but have also been able to raise awareness and help the Little Princess Trust.

“My family have been very helpful and supportive in helping me raise money and I am very grateful. I’m also thankful to everyone who donated — and to everyone who has complimented my new hairstyle!”

Mum Carole added: “Eilidh very much wanted to go and contribute in Malawi — we couldn’t talk her out of it.

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“It was her idea to have a sponsored haircut in order to help pay for her fare and, very kindly, people have recognised her sacrifice and agreed to sponsor her.”

Anyone interested in supporting Eilidh’s Malawi trip can find out more at www.GoFundMe.com/2w6c28.